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2023-05-02: News Headlines

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). US may risk debt default 'as early as Jun 1': Yellen. channelnewsasia.com

Staff (2023-05-02). Headlines for May 2, 2023. democracynow.org U.N. Refugee Agency Warns 800,000 Could Flee Fighting in Sudan, Head of Wagner Group Threatens Mutiny Unless Russia Sends More Ammunition, Biden Pledges "Ironclad" Support for U.S.-Philippines Military Alliance, Yellen Warns U.S. Could Default on Debts on June 1 Unless Congress Raises Borrowing Limit, Senate Judiciary Committee Scrutinizes Supreme Court Ethics Amid Mounting Scandals, Israeli Airstrike on Aleppo Airport Kills One, Injures Seven, Palestinian Khader Adnan, Jailed by Israel Without Charges, Dies on Hunger Strike, Three Indigenous Leaders Killed in Brazil as Illegal Miners Invade Village,…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). UK explores providing humanitarian support to Sudan after evacuations. channelnewsasia.com

infobrics (2023-05-02). Trade Between China's Xiamen, BRICS Soars 57.3 pct in Q1. infobrics.org East China's coastal city of Xiamen in Fujian Province saw its foreign trade with BRICS countries jump 57.3 percent year on year to 24.77 billion yuan (about 3.6 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quarter of 2023…

infobrics (2023-05-02). Is US about to conduct nuclear false flag in Ukraine and blame Russia for it. infobrics.org The mainstream propaganda machine usually claims that the Kiev regime doesn't have the capacity to create dirty bombs. However, recent reports about "sensitive US nuclear technologies" in Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs) show such claims are patently false.

infobrics (2023-05-02). India, Russia Talk Free Trade Deal in Step-up of Relations. infobrics.org India and Russia are discussing a free trade agreement (FTA), the Russian trade minister said, an announcement that could deepen bilateral commercial ties that have flourished since war broke out in Ukraine…

infobrics (2023-05-02). Members Keen to Revitalize India-Brazil-SA Forum. infobrics.org The IBSA forum, which was established in the early 2000s as a means to strengthen cooperation among three key emerging economies, is seen to have become dormant in recent years…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Bakhmut On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On May 1, Wagner forces advanced up to 120 meters in Bakhmut and lost 86 fighters; | 45 thousand square meters of Bakhmut are under Wagner's control; | Russian forces are advancing along the streets of Tolbukhin, Pobedy and Levanevsky in the north-western district; | Wagner fighters are advancing along Korsunsky Street in the city center; | Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue along Chaikovskoho street; | Russian forces continue their assault near the r…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Ukraine Lost 15,000 Servicemen In April: Moscow Assesses Interim Results, Kiev Counts Missing. southfront.org Illustrative Image | On May 2, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, held the a conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, assessing the interim results of the past month of the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine. | According to the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost up to 15 thousand servicemen in April alone. "Despite unprecedented military assistance from Western countries, the enemy is suffering significant losses," th…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Is US About To Conduct Nuclear False Flag In Ukraine And Blame Russia For It? southfront.org

Larry Johnson (2023-05-02). Recent Chats on Poland and Ukraine with Ania K and Judge Napolitano. sonar21.com Two more video chats. One was recorded last week with Ania Konieczek, who was in Dubai at the time. We talked about Poland and its role in the Russia/Ukraine war….

Gilbert Achcar (2023-05-02). Washington Is Obstructing the Path to a Political Settlement in Ukraine. truthout.org The way President Joe Biden's administration reacted to China's offer to facilitate a political settlement of the Ukraine conflict clearly reveals Washington's undeclared objective regarding that war. The contrast between the administration's attitude toward China's position and the attitudes of some of the United States's allies is striking. When Beijing published its "Position on the Political… |

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). Whither Ukraine's Counteroffensive? libya360.wordpress.com M. K. Bhadrakumar Russian forces delivered massive strikes on Ukrainian military facilities to disrupt the planned "counteroffensive" The month of May has arrived but without the long-awaited Ukrainian "counteroffensive". The western media is speculating that it may come by late May. There is also the spin that Kiev is judicious to "buy time." The chances…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Odessa Massacre: How The War In Ukraine Began. southfront.org

WSWS (2023-05-02). For the unity of the Russian and Ukrainian working class! wsws.org These greetings were delivered by two representatives of the Young Guard of Bolshevik Leninists (YGBL) from Ukraine and Russia to the International Online May Day Rally 2023.

thecommunists (2023-05-02). Odessa after the massacre: nine years later the wounds are still fresh. thecommunists.org This exclusive interview with an Odessa massacre survivor was carried out for Proletarian by Steve Sweeney in Russia. ***** Sasha gently rolls back the sleeve of her jumper to reveal scarred and damaged skin. "It still hurts me sometimes even now," she tells me as we sip coffee in a Moscow cafe. "Doctors said it …

Dave DeCamp (2023-05-02). Kremlin Says US Estimate on Russian Losses 'Plucked from Thin Air'. news.antiwar.com Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that US estimates of Russian losses in Ukraine had no basis and were "plucked from thin air." His comments came after the White House estimated Russia suffered 100,000 casualties over the last five months, including 20,000 killed. The White House offered no estimate on Ukrainian losses. Peskov said that …

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-05-02). Ukrainian light weapons captured in Soledar exceed one million. plenglish.com Moscow, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The head of Russia's Wagner PMC, Evgeni Priogozhin, showed the hidden stock of Ukrainian weapons captured in Soldedar mines, after being taken from Ukraine, and of which, in his words, there are enough to arm a million people.

Combined Sources (2023-05-02). Millions march on May Day around the world. peoplesworld.org People squeezed by inflation and demanding economic justice took to streets across Asia, Europe, and the Americas on Monday to mark May Day, in an outpouring of worker discontent not seen since before the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns. A million marched in France on Monday as union-led May Day rallies warned President Emmanuel Macron to back …

_____ (2023-05-02). Russia-China Response to the NATOization of the Indo-Pacific. journal-neo.org

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Syria On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On May 2, the Russian Ministry of Defense recorded no cases of hostilities and ceasefire violations in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours; | On May 1, Israeli warplanes struck Aleppo Airport with several missiles. One Syrian serviceman was killed. Five more servicemen and two civilians were wounded; | Jordan's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi stated that during the Amman Consultative Meeting, the participants agreed to adopt a roadmap to achieve a…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Donbass On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | Russian forces struck at the railway station in Kramatorsk, where a wagon with Ukrainian ammunition was destroyed; | Russian forces destroyed the temporary deployment points of the 24th separate mechanized brigade and the special operations forces of the AFU in the area of Konstantinovka; | Russian forces took control of Kamyanka village near Avdiivka; | Russian forces took control of several buildings in the western parts of Mariinka; | Russian fo…

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). In Video 18+: Ukrainian Positions Destroyed By Russian TOS-1A Solntsepyok. southfront.org Illustrative Image | Russian servicemen showed the Ukrainian positions destroyed by Russian TOS-1A Solntsepyok. The area where the footage was made was not revealed. |

Staff (2023-05-02). Ukrainian banker offers cash for drone terror in Russia. thegrayzone.com Days before a failed drone assassination targeting Putin, Ukrainian banking baron Volodymyr Yatsenko offered a $500,000 bounty to any weapons maker able to land a drone in Red Square during Moscow's upcoming Victory Day parade. On April 23, a Ukrainian drone laden with 30 Canadian-made C4 explosive blocks crashed near Rudnevo Industrial Park in Moscow. …

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Ukrainian Forces Suffered 15,000 Casualties in April. telesurenglish.net During a video conference with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces held on Tuesday, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that the Ukrainian army lost over 15,000 troops in April. | RELATED: | He also mentioned that Russian forces destroyed eight aircraft, 277 UAVs, 430 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 18 multiple rocket launchers, and 225 field artillery guns. | The Russian defense minister pointed ou…

Rick Rozoff (2023-05-02). Baltic to Black Sea: NATO's iron phalanx along Russia's western border. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Polish Press AgencyApril 26, 2023 Nato eastern flank members vow unity The Bucharest Nine (B9), Nato's nine Eastern European members, have pledged their unity in upholding the security of the alliance's eastern flank while also opposing Russia…. The B9 defence ministers met in Warsaw on Wednesday to align their policies. "Our accomplishment is the adoption… …

Rick Rozoff (2023-05-02). U.S. military rehearses war with Russia in Europe. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com U.S. Army Europe and AfricaMay 2, 2023 Swift Response 23, first of three, major DEFENDER 23-linked exercises, to begin Swift Response 23, the first of three major exercises that make up the Dynamic Employment of Forces to Europe for NATO Deterrence and Enhanced Readiness 2023 or DEFENDER 23, begins May 7, across the Baltic Sea …

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-05-02). Russian economic outlook analyzed in Russia. plenglish.com Moscow, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Patricio Lubumba University of Friendship with the Peoples hosted the 25th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Current Problems of Global Economy", where the future of the Russian economy was analyzed.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Rehearsal of Victory Day parade held in Moscow. ecns.cn Russia will hold military parades to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War on May 9.

Staff (2023-05-02). The will of the martyred Palestinian hunger striker, Sheikh Khader Adnan. samidoun.net Below we are republishing the will of the martyred prisoner, Sheikh Khader Adnan. He wrote his will on 2 April, one month before his martyrdom, nearly two months into his hunger strike. Khader Adnan died inside Israeli occupation prisons on 2 May 2023 after 86 days of hunger strike and amid a clear commitment of …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: Deadly heatwaves threaten to reverse India's progress on poverty and inequality. channelnewsasia.com With many more people in India expected to be hit by even greater heat extremes in the future, finance, urban design and education are necessary to help people adapt, say these experts from University of Cambridge.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Not easy to get English-speaking foreign workers for customer-facing roles, recruiters say. channelnewsasia.com Foreign workers who can speak English are sought after in many countries, where they can get a higher salary than what Singapore companies offer, employment agencies say.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). White House to study employer tools that monitor workers. channelnewsasia.com

WSWS (2023-05-02). Mass May Day demonstrations in Turkey ahead of national elections. wsws.org A feature of the demonstrations was the contradiction between the growing militancy of workers and youth, and the efforts of union officials and pseudo-left groups leading the marches to channel this into a dead end.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Produksi daging di lab: Upaya Malaysia kurangi emisi gas rumah kaca dari peternakan. channelnewsasia.com Memperingati Hari Bumi, CNA mengulas fasilitas produksi daging budidaya pertama Malaysia di Penang dan apa dampaknya bagi perubahan iklim.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-05-02). The Story of Seven Countries: A Review of US Aggression in West Asia and North Africa. libya360.wordpress.com Ali Karbalaei In the 21st century, the U.S. learnt the hard way of its catastrophic foreign military policy in West Asia: From boots on the ground to so-called precision strikes. Washington's success in destabilizing a continent with terror and destruction over two decades came at the expense of mass civilian casualties?, dead U.S. soldiers, expensive…

Staff (2023-05-02). Berlin remembers Sheikh Khader Adnan, martyr of freedom. samidoun.net Samidoun Deutschland and fellow Palestinians in Germany remembered Sheikh Khader Adnan today, 2 May, in Berlin, in the heart of the Arab and Palestinian community. Khader Adnan was on hunger strike for 86 days in Israeli occupation prisons, demanding his freedom; he conducted five previous hunger strikes, winning his liberation from administrative detention on four …

Robert Inlakesh (2023-05-02). Israel Kills Palestinian West Bank Leader And Attacks Gaza After Rocket Fire. thelastamericanvagabond.com Israeli military prison authorities allowed for a Palestinian political spokesperson, Khader Adnan, to die in his prison cell after entering day 87 of a hunger strike this Tuesday morning. The political prisoner's death was dubbed an assassination by the Palestinian Prisoners Society organization and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement. Israel claims no wrong doing,

teleSUR (2023-05-02). Palestinian Jader Adnan Dies After 88-Day Hunger Strike. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, 44-year-old Palestinian prisoner Jader Adnan died after spending 86 days on a hunger strike in an Israeli jail. Shortly before being transferred to a hospital on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, he was found unconscious in his cell. | RELATED: | His hunger strike had begun on February 5, the same day he was arrested and charged with terrorism and incitement to violence as a member of the Palestinian Islamic…

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Israeli airstrikes in Syria kill one, injure seven others. peoplesdispatch.org The latest Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo international airport. The airstrikes took place a day after a joint statement calling for peace and stability in Syria was issued by Arab countries after they met in the Jordanian capital Amman…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Hollywood writers strike over pay in streaming TV 'gig economy'. channelnewsasia.com

Selma Dabbagh (2023-05-02). The fight to Boycott is not over. greenleft.org.au Many US states have passed laws penalising companies that use boycotts and other nonviolent methods to pressure Israel on its human rights record and apartheid governance, writes Selma Dabbagh. Julia Bacha's 2021 documentary Boycott tells the story of just how these efforts to stifle dissent work.

Binoy Kampmark (2023-05-02). Scrapping Charles Darwin: Hindutva's Anti-Scientific Maladies. dissidentvoice.org Welcome the canons of pseudoscience. Open your arms to the dribbling, sponsored charlatans. According to a growing number of India's top officialdom, teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to children in their ninth and 10th grades is simply not on. Last month, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), a purportedly autonomous government …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: Yoon celebrates US alliance in Washington visit – but jury's out if all in South Korea agree. channelnewsasia.com Securing defence commitments from the US was important for South Korea President Yoon Suk-yeol, but time will tell if they address growing concerns among South Koreans about partnering with Washington, says Ted Gover of Claremont Graduate University.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Classified Australian defence review discussed US-led war with China over Taiwan. wsws.org The defence review, calling for the biggest Australian military build-up since World War II, is based on "war gaming" that has been hidden from the population.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Drilling on Asia's deepest oil and gas well starts in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin. ecns.cn China Petrochemical Corp, or Sinopec, the world's largest refiner by volume, has started drilling the 3-3XC well of the Shendi-1 project in the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, according to the company.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). LAC ambassadors and representatives discuss Chinese path to modernization and high-quality development. ecns.cn Last Friday, the 3rd Latin American and Caribbean Ambassadors Convention at Tsinghua University – "High-Quality Development and Chinese Path to Modernization" was successfully held. The event aims to enhance the development and cooperation between China and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries by gathering over 50 ambassadors and representatives from LAC countries and scholars and experts from Tsinghua University.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Factory activity contracts in April on weak demand. ecns.cn China's factory activity unexpectedly contracted for the first time in four months in April, indicating that the foundation of the country's post-pandemic recovery is not yet solid and underscoring the need for greater policy support to boost domestic demand, analysts said on Sunday.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Insights | Civil, cooperative EU-China relations good example for the world: foreign business leader. ecns.cn China's battery manufacturing and rare earth materials are necessary for Europe to complete the green transition, suggested Ivo Ganchev, Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that European leaders have been favorable in their view of China and the way China contributed to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. China has made a commendable achievement and unbelievable progress in this regard. "ÄÄ "ÄÄ…

Dave DeCamp (2023-05-02). Biden Tells Marcos US Commitment to Defense of the Philippines Is 'Iron Clad'. news.antiwar.com President Biden hosted Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the White House on Monday amid heightened tensions with China and told him that the US commitment to defending the Philippines is "ironclad." In comments ahead of a meeting with Marcos, Biden said the US "remains ironclad in our commitment to the defense of the Philippines, …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Chinese electric vehicle brands expand to global markets. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis:Japan's automakers have a made-in-China sales crisis. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Tesla raises prices in US, China, Japan and Canada. channelnewsasia.com

Elsy Fors Garzon (2023-05-02). Dominican Republic and China strengthen relations in five years. plenglish.com Santo Domingo, May 2 (Prensa Latina) The Dominican Republic and China celebrate today five years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, with a strengthening of their economic and commercial exchanges.

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2023-05-02). Protests Erupt Against U.S. Military Exercises and Expansion of U.S. Military Footprint in The Philippines. covertactionmagazine.com Filipinos Don't Want to Be Used as a "Footstool for American Power Projection and Provocation" Says Filipino Peace Activist This past month, more than 3,000 U.S. and Filipino soldiers participated in a three-week live-fire military exercise called Balikatan, which included a drill to blow up a mock Chinese warship in the South China Sea. The …

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). UN says Taliban envoy can meet Pakistan, China ministers next week. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Lawmaker says Canada government did not inform him of report of China's threats to family. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). South Korea finance minister: South Korea, Japan, China cooperation more important as world economy at inflection point. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Biden tells Marcos Jr US commitment for defence of Philippines 'ironclad'. channelnewsasia.com

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Stunt show in central China's Wuhan opens to the public. ecns.cn After three years of construction, the Wuhan Happy Valley Speed World Theme Zone opened to the public in central China's Hubei Province on Saturday."ÄÄ…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Camel festival kicks off in north China's Inner Mongolia. ecns.cn A camel festival"ÄÄkicked off in Alxa League in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday, as the country tries to revive its tourism sector and pass on camel culture to the next generations. "ÄÄ…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Xi presides over meeting on economic work. ecns.cn Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Friday presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to analyze current economic situation and economic work.

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). Red pandas enjoy birthday party in Central China's Henan. ecns.cn Red pandas at Wangcheng Park in Luoyang, Henan Province, had a "birthday party" together on Thursday. "ÄÄ…

ecns.cn (2023-05-02). China's railway-trip sets record on May Day holiday. ecns.cn The number of passenger trips handled by China's railways was expected to hit 19.5 million on Saturday, the first day of the five-day-long May Day holiday, data from the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. showed. "ÄÄ…

_____ (2023-05-02). Syria: a new reality in the region. journal-neo.org According to numerous reports in the Israeli media, the resumption of ties and normal relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria has caused a state of discontent, severe anxiety and even dismay among the Israeli leadership. These troubles, as noted by the Israeli newspaper World Israel News, have added to the problems that have suddenly presented […] | –°–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ

Anonymous103 (2023-05-02). Military Situation In Yemen On May 2, 2023 (Map Update). southfront.org

The Tricontinental (2023-05-02). Dossier no. 64: The Condition of the Indian Working Class. mronline.org In this latest dossier, the Tricontinental offers a broad analysis of the living and working conditions of India's large and diverse working class.

WSWS (2023-05-02). Netanyahu's far-right government presses ahead with judicial coup. wsws.org Israel's parliament, reconvening on Sunday after a one-month recess, is expected to pass legislation that will enable the government to control the appointments to the Supreme Court.

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-02). Algeria withdraws from presidency of Inter-Parliamentary Union's advisory group on terrorism over Israel's membership. peoplesdispatch.org Israel was approved as a member of the advisory group for combating terrorism last month during the IPU's general assembly in Bahrain. Algeria cited its longstanding and firm support for the Palestinian cause as the reason behind the withdrawal…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Armenian, Azerbaijani foreign ministers hold talks in US over Karabakh dispute. channelnewsasia.com

Eth-Noh-Tec (2023-05-02). Sunday 5/28: Strong Like Bamboo: Stories of Resilience for Healing in the Era of Anti-AAPI Violence. indybay.org Oakland Asian Cultural Center…

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Parties in unity government strong enough against alleged plans to seize power: Malaysia PM Anwar. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Three crew missing after blaze on ageing tanker off Malaysia. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Alan Joyce to step aside after 15 years as Qantas CEO. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis:Companies wary as Twitter checkmark policy fuels imposter accounts. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Apple fights $2 billion London lawsuit for 'throttling' millions of iPhones. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). BOJ chief upbeat on Asia's economy, points to bank resilience. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Cloud content storage platform Box adds AI features. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Cryptoverse: Digital coins lure inflation-weary Argentines and Turks. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Economic growth remains robust in ASEAN region: Indonesia finance minister. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Edtech Chegg slumps on revenue warning as ChatGPT threatens growth. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Food pushes Pakistan inflation to record 36.4% in April. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Global companies by market cap: Tesla fell most in April. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Google, Apple submit proposal to fight misuse of Bluetooth location-tracking devices. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Indonesia's April annual inflation eases to 4.33%, below forecast. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Italy wary of raising taxes on web firms, fearing US reaction. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). JAL expects 60% profit rise in further post-pandemic recovery. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Japan's Mitsui FY 2022/23 net profit up 24% on higher energy prices. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Nikola, Voltera partner to set up 50 hydrogen fueling stations in N. America. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Austria says talks underway on returning Parthenon marbles to Greece. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). King Charles' coronation is a great fit for London's Savile Row tailors. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sejauh mana mujarabnya: Para pakar menyingkap mitos disebalik khasiat air alkali. channelnewsasia.com Bolehkah air alkali meningkatkan penghidratan, memerangi refluks asid dan mencegah barah? CNA meninjau pandangan para pakar dalam menyingkap mitos air alkali.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Fresh pork back in stock in Singapore, ending temporary disruption over African swine fever discovery. channelnewsasia.com Fresh pork is available at local supermarkets and it will be distributed to wet markets from Wednesday (May 3), says Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Koh Poh Koon.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sister of late taxi driver fails in court bid to get share of flat that went to his permanent resident wife. channelnewsasia.com The cabby's eldest sister, who filed the court application, claimed that the marriage was a sham and none of the family members knew about the overseas wedding.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Penguins complete move to Bird Paradise; new habitat features southern lights, deeper tanks. channelnewsasia.com Their new home, the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, is three times the size of the previous exhibit at Jurong Bird Park.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Warehouse supervisor jailed for taking almost S$698,000 in SK-II products to sell. channelnewsasia.com Foo You Ann had taken loans amounting to S$1 million after suffering losses in gambling and cryptocurrency.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). India replace Australia as test No. 1 ahead of WTC final. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Kohli, Gambhir docked full match fees over IPL altercation. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Rizwan unhappy with number five slot in Pakistan order. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Zamalek withdraw from Egyptian Super Cup in protest at EFA decisions. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Met Gala: Rihanna, Jared Leto as Choupette, Kim Kardashian in pearls. channelnewsasia.com Karl Lagerfeld was the honouree at the A-list gala with many in the crowd of about 400 dressed in vintage looks from the fashion houses where he worked during a career of more than 60 years.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). COP28 chair urges tripling of renewables capacity by 2030. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). 'Godfather of AI' quits Google to warn of the tech's dangers. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Singapore bank DBS Q1 profit jumps 43% to new high, beats estimates. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Morgan Stanley to cut 3,000 jobs in second quarter: Source. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). US judge declares mistrial in Apple-Masimo smartwatch trade secrets fight. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Celebrity beauty files: Naomi Yeo on becoming a Lululemon ambassador and how to look good when exercising. channelnewsasia.com "I grew up having to work through clogged pores and sensitive skin, hormonal and stress acne, so I do my best to keep my skin clean as much as possible."

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). South Korea April inflation eases to 14-month low, matches expectations. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Analysis: JPMorgan's takeover of First Republic fuels M&A expectations. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Dyche says Calvert-Lewin can be key weapon in survival battle. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Marketmind: RBA to pause again? channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Trump accuser defends rape claim after judge rejects Trump's mistrial request. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). A day with the dinosaurs: An unusual SEA Games venue for Singapore's indoor hockey teams. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Commentary: A gruesome severed fingertip tells a painful story about corporate Japan. channelnewsasia.com A delivery driver in Japan pressed on with his rounds after severing his fingertip while on the job. Though the man's decision was shocking by any standards, it drew widespread recognition, says the Financial Times' Leo Lewis.

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Explainer-Why First Republic Bank failed and what JPMorgan's deal means. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). All eyes on Lyft's new CEO as Wall Street awaits turnaround plan. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). JPMorgan wins government auction to buy seized First Republic Bank. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). IMF's Georgieva says more vulnerabilities in banking sector may be exposed. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Ed Sheeran calls copycat claims 'insulting' in 'Thinking Out Loud' trial. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Lordstown shares plunge 48% as investor Foxconn alleges agreement breach. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Kuwait again dissolves reinstated parliament by decree. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). ON Semi jumps after results while Nvidia hits 13 month high. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Sabalenka ends Andreeva adventure to reach Madrid quarters. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). IBA president Kremlev blasts 'black sheep' that formed breakaway world body. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). Environmental groups sue US over SpaceX launch license for Texas. channelnewsasia.com

channelnewsasia (2023-05-02). With Bluesky, Jack Dorsey has another go at Twitter-like service. channelnewsasia.com

Geoff Dembicki (2023-05-02). Oil company gave $200K to group accusing pipeline opponents of taking secret moneyÔøº. nationofchange.org Alberta-based Indian Resource Council quietly received funding from CNRL, corporate documents reveal.

Farzana Zaman (2023-05-02). Commitment, determination and solidarity are key to success of 'End TB in Bangladesh'. peoplesdispatch.org Despite Bangladesh tuberculosis (TB) notification levels recovering to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels, the country continues to struggle with a high TB burden. It is one of the 30 high-burden countries for TB, in addition to being one of the 27 countries burdened with multi drug-resistant TB (MDR TB). A dip in TB notification occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, the treatment coverage increased to 82%. This is due to the implementation of innovative measures to address service disruptions and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on TB programs. | Bangladesh has been able to reduce the gap be…

Chris Walker (2023-05-02). Iowa Trans Teen Receiving Award From Gov Shouts "Trans Rights Are Human Rights" truthout.org On Sunday, a transgender student in Iowa used an award ceremony as an opportunity to protest Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), who earlier this year signed two bills into law that attack trans kids across the state. Davenport West High School senior Clementine Springsteen, a transgender woman, was one of hundreds of students who received an Iowa Governor's Scholar Program honor this year. |

jamanetwork (2023-05-02). Ophthalmic Technician Working in Central Pennsylvania. jamanetwork.com I am the wielder of infinite tissues and eye drops. I am the angel of numbing and dilation. I couldn't before, but collecting bits and pieces of my patients' various expertise means that now I can hold a conversation about Amish romance novels, crop cycles, the problem of National Geographic magazines not being offered in large print, and football. I lead walkers, keep canes from sliding off walls and clattering to the floor, and steer wheelchairs forward and backward in narrow hallways. I see camo hats, Vietnam veteran enameled pins, and heavy steel-toed boots crusted with mud. I am cooed over often, Twenty-two?

teleSUR, JCM (2023-05-02). Palestina condena asesinato de Khader Adnan en prisión israelí. telesurtv.net Khader Adnan, de 45 años, es el primer preso palestino que muere a causa de una huelga de hambre, según el Club del Prisionero Palestino.

teleSUR, dcdc, JCM (2023-05-02). Al menos cinco personas mueren tras incendio en planta química en China. telesurtv.net Las autoridades locales informaron que otra víctima se encuentra desaparecida y una resultó herida.

teleSUR, DRL (2023-05-02). Siria rechaza ataque israelí en Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU. telesurtv.net El aeropuerto ha sido un canal clave para el flujo de ayuda al país después de que un terremoto azotara Turquía y Siria el 6 de febrero.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Fuerzas israelíes asesinan a adolescente palestino en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net El ministerio de Salud palestino comunicó que Jibril Mohammed al-Ladda falleció como consecuencia de las graves heridas.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Siria denuncia nuevo ataque de Israel contra Alepo. telesurtv.net Medios locales detallaron también que el ataque causó la interrupción de los servicios del Aeropuerto Internacional de Alepo.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2023-05-02). Muere preso palestino tras prolongada huelga de hambre. telesurtv.net Adnan falleció de madrugada en el centro de detención Nitzan. El Servicio de Prisiones israelí indicó que el preso se había negado a recibir atención médica en ese centro.

teleSUR- hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Presidente iraní realizará histórica visita a Siria. telesurtv.net En el marco de la visita de dos días, el mandatario iraní sostendrá encuentros con su homólogo Bashar Al-Assad.

teleSUR, nama, JCM (2023-05-02). Países árabes piden salida de tropas extranjeras ilegales de Siria. telesurtv.net El canciller de Siria intercambió con su par de Jordania acerca de la seguridad fronteriza, el agua y los refugiados.

teleSUR, jaa, YSM (2023-05-02). Israel realiza un nuevo ataque contra la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net Hasta el momento no se han recibido reportes oficiales de lesionados ni fallecidos.

teleSUR, RDL (2023-05-02). México respeta decisión de EE.UU. sobre militarizar frontera. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con cifras del Comando Norte, en este momento se encuentran desplegadas en la frontera con México un total de 2.450 tropas de la Guardia Nacional.

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-05-02). Uzbekistán aprueba en referéndum reforzar poder del presidente. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con los datos preliminares el 90,21 por ciento de los ciudadanos votaron a favor de las nuevas reformas.

Brittani Banks (2023-05-01). Understanding the Controversy and Legality of 'Overseas Police Stations'. independentmediainstitute.org The apprehension of two men in New York on April 16, 2023, marked the first known U.S. arrests in connection with Chinese overseas police stations. Both men were working in a building in Manhattan's Chinatown rented by the America ChangLe Association, a charity that had its tax-exempt status revoked in May 2022. More Chinese police …

Elsy Fors Garzon (2023-05-01). G77 and China Minsters of Culture will meet here Thursday. plenglish.com Havana, May 2 (Prensa Latina) A meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the Group of 77 and China will take place next Thursday at the Convention Center, in the Cuban capital.

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